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How to register for CPIA2


To enroll in the courses it is necessary to go personally to the secretariat of the CPIA2Firenze in the locations of provision of the services

Pontassieve – c/ Scuola Maltoni
Bagno a Ripoli – c/o Scuola, Redi – IC Caponnetto
Borgo San Lorenzo –c/o Scuola secondaria di primo grado Giovanni della Casa

Useful information for registration

Age: To enroll in the CPIA you must be at least 18 years old. However, those who have reached the age of 16 can also be enrolled as long as they do not have the final qualification of the first cycle of education (middle school) and are unable to continue their studies at school.

Requirements: not to be in possession of the final qualification of the first cycle of education (middle school) or not to have fulfilled the obligation of education (for first-level courses); not be in possession of the certification of knowledge of the Italian language at level A2 (for the paths of literacy and learning of the Italian language).

Go to the office where you intend to register during the indicated opening hours to the public

Documents to be presented at the time of registration:
– identity card or passport or other valid identity document –
2 passport-size photographs

For foreign citizens:
– valid residence permit

Minors must be accompanied by their parent or legal representative

Those coming from other schools must present the Nulla Osta issued by their school of enrollment


Postal bulletin for enrolment in the courses:
C / C Postal: 001035189891
Payable to CPIA 2 FIRENZE- associated office of (write the associated office of reference)
Reason: the type of course chosen.


The payment is € 30.00 for enrollment in institutional courses, namely:

  1. Literacy and Learning of the Italian language for foreign adults (L2);
    • First level of education:

First didactic period

  1. Preparatory course for 1st grade secondary school (functional literacy of 200 hours);
  2. 1st grade secondary school (400 hours);

Second didactic period

  1. Course for the acquisition of basic skills related to compulsory education (825 hours).

NB: associations and communities can make bank transfers, specifying in the reason for payment, the number of students enrolled by type of course chosen (L2 or I ° period did.co or II °) and of course the associated location where they will attend the course.

The courses related to the expansion of the training offer depend on their duration:


  1. Computer courses (20/30 hours) at various levels: € 60.00; (preparation for the Ecdl € 120.00 duration 60 hours).
  2. Language courses (English-French-Spanish) not native speakers, at various levels: € 90.00.
  3. Language courses at various levels, with mother tongue teacher, € 150.00.
  4. Art history courses (30/40 hours) with guided tours and screening of historical films: € 60.00.